Coming from an ancient and significant tradition, Sermeo offers tasty and unique blends, secret roasting recipes, created by combining different types of coffee, with the intent of creating a unique and recognizable aromatic profile. Mixing is a real art, invented through a selection of the best qualities of coffee, and obtained from precise combinations, so that its taste also changes according to the origin of the varieties.

Soave blend

A blend with a delicate and sweet taste, made up of 70% Arabica coffee from Central America and 30% of Robusta coffee, mainly African and Indian coffee. A high quality espresso, an excellent blend with a great aroma and a velvety cream, able to delight any palate. The first percentage of coffee gives the mixture the sweetness and refinement of the flavor while the second gives the robustness and the scent.


Bar Blend

Blend with a strong and intense aftertaste, it is made up of 30% Arabica coffee and 70% of Robusta coffee. Its goodness is made up of a strong and chocolaty taste, pleasant and persistent, for that touch of greed more to be given in moments of pause and relaxation. When tasted, the acidity characteristic of Robusta, present at 70% in the mixture, is immediately felt; this feeling is broken where the body, the round structure, the density take over, leaving a clear cocoa sensation.


Classic Blend

A blend with a deep and determined taste, composed of 50% Arabica coffee and 50% of Robusta coffee. Its aroma is persistent, full bodied, strong; with a very structured and persistent taste, characterized by an excellent creaminess: a coffee that expresses all the passion towards true Italian Espresso.