For a break with an intense and full-bodied taste, Sermeo Espresso offers the possibility to taste, at home or in the office, the goodness of the espresso of the bar, offering the very comfortable pods and capsules for the different types of coffee machines.

Coffee pods

Espresso coffee in a pod is the evolution and the future of espresso; concretely translating the need of those who always claim a good coffee but with the simplicity and comfort of use. A show for the eyes, surprising to the taste, has a hazelnut color, its fragrance is preserved, over time, thanks to the hermetically sealed daily packaging in a controlled atmosphere. The taste is creamy, intense but at the same time very sweet.



Made with a plastic material, easy to dispose of, the capsules are low environmental impact, they come in single-dose packaging that ensures excellent preservation of the aroma and the product. They have a full and enveloping taste, a persistent cream and decided aftertaste, are compatible with the most common machines.


Ground for Moka

Sermeo Espresso makes ground coffee, ideal for preparing in moka. The package is 250 gr, a product that can not miss in every kitchen! Its aroma is full and enveloping, able to inebriate the environments, to brighten the palates, to make the atmosphere more tasty and unique.