Sermeo Espresso is a company that deals with the production of coffee in all its nuances: from the selection of the best qualities of coffee to roasting, to the sale of blends; rises on the slopes of Etna, in Nicolosi, where a long and solid family tradition has been born and developed since 1978. Nino Rapicavoli and his wife Angela Martorana, have created a unique reality, unique as their own blends, appreciated and consumed for over 40 years. In a second phase, the company made a generational leap, a completely natural step that laid the foundations for a new life of the company with the Serafica family, transforming the name into Sermeo Espresso. Strong will to preserve the taste of artisanal culture and love for a past that has definitely left its mark. The company provides: mixtures of selected espresso coffee, coffee pods and capsules, coffee beans or ground to restaurants and bars, equipment in use for use for accommodation, offices and homes; products of the highest quality, selected, processed and packaged with great care and attention.

Our mission

The objectives of Sermeo Espresso do not go away from those desired by Meo Cafè many years ago, but evolve aiming at an exponential growth of the company and customer satisfaction. Today, as then, a great deal of importance is given to the technology that allows us to obtain ever greater results, throughout the territory, in terms of quality and efficiency, without ever renouncing its strong artisan footprint. The evolution over the years, the transformation, from Meo Caffè to Sermeo, has underlined the strength of a project that was already born from the strongest and tastiest of coffee beans.