About us

Coffee Producers in Sicily

Sermeo Espresso is a company that deals with the production of coffee in all its nuances: from the selection of the best qualities of coffee to roasting, to the sale of blends; rises on the slopes of Etna, in Nicolosi, where a long and solid family tradition has been born and developed since 1978.


What we offer

Coffee Blends

Coming from an ancient and significant tradition, Sermeo offers tasty and unique blends, secret roasting recipes, created by combining different types of coffee, with the intent of creating a unique and recognizable aromatic profile.


Bar Line

Sermeo Espresso offers a bar line with three Blends: classic, bar, suave, convenient packaging, designed for large daily consumption and provides various accessories for coffee, served in bars.


Home and Office

For a break with an intense and full-bodied taste, Sermeo Espresso offers the possibility to taste, at home or in the office, the goodness of the espresso of the bar, offering the very comfortable pods and capsules for the different types of coffee machines.


Organic Coffee

Organic Coffee from Organic Agriculture has many advantages and benefits, protects the biodiversity of the environment, prevents the spread of genetically modified products, preventing contamination with chemicals.


Decaffeinated Coffee

Valid alternative to normal coffee has good reasons to be chosen. Contains only 0.1% caffeine, counteracts diabetes, does not cause insomnia, does not increase the values of bad cholesterol and is more digestible for those suffering from gastritis or reflux.


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